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Thong, cap or shoes – The IKEA bag is now uncontrollableIt’s official, the famous IKEA bag is now uncontrollable! After the hilarious response of IKEA to the brand Balenciaga, Internet users are going crazy by unveiling their DIY creations using the famous blue bag from IKEA: thong, cap, shoes, swimsuit, handbag, pollution mask or wallet. You can now rethink your complete wardrobe with the cult IKEA bag! Internet I love you.Auction Block: Untouched 1993 Porsche 911 Carrera RSRHere’s the thing with classic cars: if there’s one you’re pining after from years long gone, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll never get one brand new. At the very least, you won’t be the one breaking it in. There are, however, extremely rare occasions where nearly untouched examples emerge and head to auction, like phoenixes rising from the ashes – which is exactly the story behind this 1993 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR.Hot Shots: 99 Fascinating Images from the World of Formula 1In some cases, pictures tell a thousand words, and this is the case regarding the images you’re about to see from the world of Formula 1. From Ayrton Senna’s arrival into Formula 1, Nigel Mansell’s exhaustion and a pile-up at the 1950 Monaco Grand Prix, here are some the best images of Formula 1 history.The incredible way to 3D print hair!This little nifty technique to print near-realistic hair and fur is by far the most ingenious hack for 3D printing I’ve ever seen! The model is designed so that the machine prints strands of hair as support structures for 3D printing. Once you’re done with the print, all you do is use the supports as individual strands of hair! A hot-air gun or a hairdryer is all you need to fix the hairstyle and you’ve got yourself an amazing print with near-real hair!Real Life Minecraft Animals Imagine Cuddly Creatures as Cubic BeastsJakarta-based designer and retoucher Aditya Aryanto posed the question: what would the blocky digital creatures in Minecraft look like if they actually walked the Earth? The result is a totally absurd series of retouched photographs titled Minecraft in Real Life. Aryanto snagged several royalty-free images from Pixabay and Unsplash and Photoshopped them into the familiar cubic beings. You can see more from the series on Behance.