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1971 Land Rover Series 2ABased upon the looks of this Land Rover Series 2A, there’s little we need to say to convince you of its charm. Actually, such is the case with many of the restored vehicles the good folks over at Cool & Vintage work on day in and day out. And if you’re like us, blessed with a thirst for adventure, this 2A is certainly one for the fantasy books.Macbook HyperDrive PortMachined from high grade aluminum (and coming in either space grey or silver to match the different MacBook colors), this low profile attachment connects 7 different ports right to your brand new computer. Want to attach the laptop to an external screen? You can use the attached HDMI port and put out 1080p video at 60Hz, or 4K video at 30 Hz. Want to upload some images you took while out in the field? You have the option of using both a microSD and SD card, as well as two separate USB 3.1 ports for an external hard drive. The kicker? You can charge your Mac at full speed while using all of these ports at the same time.South Garage “Nerboruta” BMW R75/7One look at South Garage’s latest creation is all we need to agree with the name “Nerboruta,” which is Italian for beefy, brawny or muscular. The rebuilt bike is equal parts cafe racer, street rod, and zombie apocalypse bike thanks to the bold design choices like offset lights, wood accents, blacked out structure and custom pieces. The Italian manufacturer, outfitter and speedshop created something truly unique when they rebuilt this BMW, and it’s a bike that’s filled with little details you’ll just keep discovering each time you look at it.

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