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Amazon’s Vision of the Future Involves Cops Commanding Tiny Drone 'Assistants'According to Amazon, the cop of the future won’t just be a robot, it will be one that fits in the palm of your hand. On Tuesday, the retail giant was granted a patent for a miniature, voice-controlled “unmanned aerial vehicle assistant” to be used by everyone from officers making traffic stops to shoppers just trying to figure out where they parked their cars.DIY Liquor Cabinet Comes with its Own 'Lightning Technique'They say lightning never strikes the same place twice, but one DIY-er made it strike his liquor cabinet multiple times. The carpenter, known as “MotherF******Jesus” on Imgur, risked life and limb to craft an incredible piece of cabinetry with Lichtenberg figures. Lichtenberg figures come as the result of electrical discharges through electrically insulating materials. Our carpentry hero started the process because he fosters a kid. In order to foster, his alcohol had to be locked up. Given the “stupid prices” of liquor cabinets, he decided to build his own.A Temporary Lawn Planted Amongst a Patchwork of Persian RugsTending to his work like a garden, New York-based Austrian artist Martin Roth grows grass within the fibers of Persian rugs, constantly watering his works to ensure the grass grows lush from within the dense fabric. The end result of this project, first exhibited at an Austrian castle in 2012, will always be the same. The rugs will unravel and the grass will die. This fatalistic act is both poetic and political for the artist, working with a sensual ephemerality as well as speaking to Western countries’ urges to bring their values to other countries.

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