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This Personal Pizza Oven Will Let You Cook Pizza That Tastes As Good As In PizzeriaEven wondered why that pizza you made tastes nothing like the ones from the pizza shop? It’s not about the dough. Nor is it about the sauce. The trick to a perfect pizza is the oven. Sadly most of us don’t have the money (or the space) for a proper pizza oven, but thanks to the Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven, available on Amazon, everybody can now make fresh pizzas at home no matter how small your kitchen might be.Man Jumps Off 129-Foot Roof Into Harbor, Barely Misses DockThis is a video of death-wisher 8Booth jumping off the roof of a 129-foot building into the water of Newport Beach below and just BARELY missing the dock, just like how he BARELY missed the rock on this previous suicide attempt. Eventually, there won't be a barely. Also, you probably can't tell from the screencaps but he actually lands on the far side of the second pier, not in between the two. Man, I wonder just what kind of Death-repellant spray this guy uses, because that shit works.Beautiful Art Installation Of Hanging, Color-Changing LampsThis is the Forest Of Resonating Lamps, an art installation created by TEAMLAB featuring a bunch of individually color-controllable hanging lamps in a mirrored room. It's like you're right in the middle of a technicolor paper lantern festival. Man, I would love to have a room like this in my house. Honestly, I'd just love another room, period. And mirrored walls would definitely be a plus. Now I know what you're thinking and no, not for doing the naughty, the last thing I want to see is myself with a brown grocery bag over my head. "PUT IT BACK ON." Honey I'm trying to cook breakfast!

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