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20 Best Men's Gifts Under $20You procrastinator you. While everyone else was out preparing for the big day, your mind was elsewhere. But no problem. We know the feeling. Life happens. Surprises appear out of nowhere, or (gasp) you forgot about the second cousin that’s supposed to visit this year. What to do? The budget might have already been broken, the stores are a crowded mess, and you have less than five days to get it together, wrapped, and under that tree. Not to worry, though. We’re here to help.Anovos Rogue One Death Trooper HelmetFew fandoms are as viciously loyal to a franchise as the one surrounding Star Wars. Even fewer are the fans enthusiastic enough to gear up like their favorite characters. But it is exactly that kind of sheer gusto and admiration that Anovos was banking on when they decided to make a film-accurate wearable replica of the Death Troopers’ helmet from Rogue One. Which is doubly true, considering that the film hasn’t even come out yet.'Liquid Marble', A Carved Table That Appears To Flow Like The Ocean As You Move Around ItThis is a video of Liquid Marble, a table created by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur. Using 3D software developed for the film industry, Mathieu created a surface that appears to move like the ocean as a viewer's perspective changes. The table consists of a single block of marble that was machined to replicate the 3D model, then hand polished to a shine. The result is pretty impressive. And so is that room. Could you imagine having a room like that in your house? You'd probably feel like a princess, presumably because you are a princess. Tell your dad to knight me?

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