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FoodSniffer: Always Sniff Before You SwallowMeat, poultry and fish are very common sources of food poisoning bacteria. After inventor Augustas Alesiunas fell ill after eating some spoiled food he came up with the idea for “Foodsniffer” – a handheld smart gadget which can tell if food you are about to eat is expired or not. Of course it needed an ad. No one talks about food poisoning and its horrible results (like long hours in your toilet). So we thought it had similarities with STDs: you have to avoid them, but no one talks how. So we created this sexy PSA full of puns which brought attention to horrible results of food poisoning.Big Timers: 40 Best Men's Watches For Any BudgetEver since man first glanced towards the heavens in order to discern our place in the universe the concept of timekeeping and time management have been integral elements in the happenings of our day to day lives. From what began as harvesting and agriculture to the contemporary rat race of technological advancement we see today, an adherence to timeliness equates to success, in turn resulting in money to be made. So yes, we’re agreeing with the idea that time is money. So, if you’re going to compete, plan on working towards building something bigger than yourself, or just want to practice common courtesy you better wear a watch.BMW Alpha MotorcycleThere are plenty of great design stories out there, but few of them involve a Mormon, a Muslim, and social media. And we promise we’re not setting up a groan worthy joke either. Mehmet Doruk Erdem is a Turkish designer and the man who designed the concept for the BMW Alpha. It’s a motorcycle explicitly designed for the Bonneville Salt Flats and taking a shot at the land speed record. For inspiration, Erdem looked to the Great White Shark. Not the first place we would have thought, but once he said it, it made a lot of sense.

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