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Mercedes-AMG GT 6x6 Concept | HiConsumptionIn their second go-around in mashing up new and wild designs to catch the attention of car manufacturers around the world, the team over at Carwow released some of the strangest and meanest looking concepts we’ve seen yet, one of which tops the charts of the absurd. Consider the outcome of a Mercedes-AMG GT supercar atop the chassis of the Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6. Yeah, we’re pretty sure this Frankenstein of a vehicle breaches the limits of the imagination.15+ Of The Most Creative Ways To Fix Broken StuffYou don't have to throw away things as soon as they break. With a little bit of creativity most broken things can be fixed or even become something better. Bored Panda has collected some of the best examples of these ingenious repairs to get your creative juices flowing. Shattered vases can be sewed with golden threads, cracked wooden doors can turn into a scene from The Shining... The possibilities are endless! Vote for the best, and if you have made a project like this - submit it to the list.TOP 10 vehicle concepts of 2016World automotive shows, collector competitions, and exclusive press launches have all been the locations for unique, first-of-a-kind vehicle concepts to be presented to the globe in 2016. often showcasing a brand’s new design philosophy, these advanced cars provide an intriguing insight into the potential appearance, technology and functions of transport in the future. a common feature among these vehicles has been the integration of autonomous driving, and how that will dramatically change the traveling experience. no more is this apparent than in the BMW, MINI and rolls royce ‘VISION NEXT 100’ concepts, where the german automotive giant has marked its centenary anniversary by presenting its visualization for the next 100 years.

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