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Incredible Fungi Timelapse from Planet Earth IIThis stunning timelapse footage from the new Planet Earth II series on BBC One captures a wide variety of unusual fungi as it blooms at night. The clip is from the latest Jungles episode (UK only) and includes a few specimens that were shot for the very first time by Steve Axford whose fungi photography we’ve shared here many times. Unfortunately, watching Planet Earth II anywhere outside the UK legally is almost impossible until early next year, so you’ll have to hang tight for the whole episode.Finally, An Eggplant Emoji VibratorThis is the $32 Emojibater. It looks like the eggplant emoji but it's not an eggplant, it's a vibrator. Why does everybody use the eggplant to mean penis anyways? *shrug* I use the circus tent, but that's just me and you're always guaranteed a good time when I come to town. Plus cotton candy and peanuts. The Emojibator has 10 different vibration settings, is waterproof for "bath and shower play" and, if you can't tell by the way I'm about to rattle right out of my office chair, also works great in butts.Photographer Benedict Redgrove Given Unprecedented Access To NASA TechnologyPhotographer Benedict Redgrove has been granted unprecedented access to document past and present NASA technology, a sneak peek of which can be seen in the new issue of WIRED UK. Six years in the making, Redgrove captures everything from the space shuttle Atlantis and Vehicle Assembly Building, to the new Orion Crew Module, robot Valkyrie R5 and Boeing’s Starliner capsule. In fact the project is still ongoing, as it’s meant to culminate with the launch of the new SLS rocket in 2018.

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