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Hilarious Early Entries From the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography AwardsOnce a year, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards celebrate the amazing diversity—and the overwhelming silliness—of the animal kingdom. As a comical copycat of the animal-themed photography contests historically held by institutions like the National Geographic and London’s Natural History Museum, this quirky competition showcases the not-so-serious side of nature. From an adorable, corn-on-the-cob-loving chipmunk to an entirely relatable meerkat mid-facepalm, there is no shortage of laughable and lovable animals in this year’s collection of submissions.'Fate of the Furious' trailer reveals Charlize Theron as latest to take on the familyUsually when a franchise hits its eighth installment, the thrills have withered and the star power begins to fade. But not in the case of the Fast and Furious series. The latest installment, called The Fate of the Furious, dropped its trailer on Sunday, and it features Oscar winner Charlize Theron in what appears to be the role of the newest evil genius to challenge "the family." Alongside Theron are franchise favorites Vin Diesel, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Jason Statham.A Temporary Lawn Planted Amongst a Patchwork of Persian RugsTending to his work like a garden, New York-based Austrian artist Martin Roth grows grass within the fibers of Persian rugs, constantly watering his works to ensure the grass grows lush from within the dense fabric. The end result of this project, first exhibited at an Austrian castle in 2012, will always be the same. The rugs will unravel and the grass will die. This fatalistic act is both poetic and political for the artist, working with a sensual ephemerality as well as speaking to Western countries’ urges to bring their values to other countries.

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