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Vanguard Roadster: All-new American motorcycle to debut in NYCThere's a new American motorcycle company on the block. Based in New York and preparing to unleash three new models based around a gigantic, 117 cubic inch (1917cc) S&S v-twin motor, Vanguard Motorcycles is unveiling its first bike at this weekend's New York Motorcycle Show. The Roadster is a massive, frameless nakedbike built around and upon a giant 1917cc v-twin engine. To put it mildly, you're not going to mistake it for anything else.Simon forgacs' MONO LAMP captures iconic TV test cardsAs a child, UX/UI designer simon forgacs has been fascinated by how test cards looked on TV screens. appearing as colorful geometric shapes, test cards are a set of patterns that calibrate and adjust television signals for the picture to be displayed correctly right before broadcast. but being so young, forgacs did not understand the meaning behind them; all he could remember was how mesmerized he was by these light patterns that live inside the same box as star wars or back to the future did.Miniature Pen & Ink Drawings of the Midwest by Taylor MazerMichigan artist Taylor Mazer renders the seemingly mundane world of empty alleyways and nondescript buildings of the midwest in excruciating detail on a canvas scarcely larger than a few postage stamps. Working with a fine Micron pen he constructs old buildings brick by brick and casts entire drawings in deep shadow, forcing the viewer to explore the piece up-close to discover every minute detail. The cityscapes are devoid of people, instead focusing on architectural details, light, and the unknown forces—weather or otherwise—that force people indoors, or away altogether.